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Site Introduction

The City of Heroes (CoH, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, or MMORPG) was first released in April 2004 by Cryptic Studios and published by NCSoft.  Later NCSoft bought the game from Cryptic and most of the CoH development team left to form a new studio within NCSoft, Paragon Studios.  On 31 August 2012 NCSoft laid off the full Paragon Studios staff and announced the game would be ending on 30 November 2012.  It did.

On 25 January 2005 I bought CoH as an impulse purchase at a local game store.  Soon it became my main game, superceding Ultima Online (the first real MMORPG) which I had been playing for years.  CoH dominated my free time until the end, and I developed a cadre of friends.  They called me "Rock", based off my global name of "@cohRock".

I created a large number of heroes, villains, rogues, and vigilantes.  You will find most of them (me?) preserved here.  Until I saved their data, beginning a few days prior to server shutdown, I thought maybe there were 70 or so "guys".  Amazingly, during the years I actually created more than 116.

Why this site?
... to give them a presence ...
... to not be forgotten ...

I still hope some company can manage to buy the rights and data to CoH from NCSoft.  Offers were made to them prior to shutdown, but for whatever reason NCSoft refused to sell.  The crazy thing is that CoH was a profitable game.  It may not have been making as much as some of NCSoft's other games.  That said, it not only had a very active player base and enthused developers maintaining and improving it, a "City of Heroes 2" was being developed as well.

A very few I had deleted, and I had had about 6 actively played "test server natives".  Those disappeared one day without notice when the test server was wiped, about a year before shutdown of all the servers.

Small in stature, tall in spirit, the Ochre Rook
seeks to end villainy wherever it may be found.
Ochre Rook goes out fighting to the very end
(for as long as he could)
2012-12-01 00:04 PST: Yes, it is.   ... for now ...

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My Top Twelve

Legend:  name, level, MmmYY  

Ochre Rook, 50, Jan05  
Fear Itself, 50, Nov05  
Colt Blue, 50, Mar05  
Metal Mettle, 50, Sep11  
Frozen in Time, 50, Oct11  
Too Much of Anything, 41, May12  
Doozy the Floozy, 50, Sep11  
Xor the Half-Adder, 50, Jul08  
Retcon the Never-Was, 36, Apr12  
  quickest to 50: his head his head
Beta hero
SS/bio brute
Rued Rude Rudy, 50, Aug12  
Unsalted Bitterness, 22, Jul07  
Feckless Temerity, 36, Aug11  
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