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Too Much of Anything

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full body pose of Too Much of Anything, with invention console in background


created during
Issue 22 logo, Death Incarnate
Issue 22
, City of Heroes, 2012-03-06
Too Much of Anything / @cohRock
level 41 magic villain on the Union server
controller:  darkness control / storm summoning
~ May 2012
Villain Group:
Pinkerton since 2012-05-11
Battle Cry:
<=- is a bad thing

In-Game Description

Exploring the multiverse can have unfortunate consequences, as the team to H23/AD741 found out.  They didn't come back.  It did.


This is a case where both character concept and battle cry (BC) derived from a phrase people sometimes say.  Note that when you type something in game, both your name and what you type show, including BC:

Too Much of Anything, <=- is a bad thing

Now I just needed to expand on that concept to make an ultimate monster.  The darkness control set was fairly new, and I'd already made a character with it.  Having several storm characters as well, I realized that there could be a lot of useful overkill, particularly late in build when the Leviathon patron pool was available.  Consider:

  • Heart of Darkness + Thunderclap: two PBAoE debuffs that together would stun even bosses
  • Tornado + Water Spout: two debilitating, roaming towers of chaos
  • Haunt + Umbral Beast + Lightning Storm + Coralax: even more pets and pseudo-pets with which to pummel your foes
It is sad that he only reached level 41.  I was really looking forward to having seven pets unleashed at once.  He might have been the ultimate controller considering his other amazing powers such as Steamy Mist, Freezing Rain, Fearsome Stare, and Possess.

Too much of anything is a bad thing.  Downright evil.

Too Much of Anything bust view

Super Max
Too Much of Anything
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