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Feckless Temerity

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Feckless Temerity, a mutant scrapper bird-creature


created during
Issue 20 logo, Incarnates
Issue 20
, City of Heroes, 2011-04-05
Feckless Temerity / @cohRock
level 36 mutant hero on the Union server
scrapper:  martial arts / energy aura
~ August 2011
Super Group:
Carnival of Secrets since 2011-08-05
Battle Cry:
Polly wanna kickit

In-Game Description

I am of the Birdmen of Inner Earth.  Or was.  As a mutation, they consider me evil and have made me an outcast.  Yes, I have no wings -- but does that make me any less of a person?

Before being banished, I was accused of "feckless temerity" for not whole-heartedly accepting the suicidal task they would have had me do, and arguing with them about it.  As I was leaving, I heard one of them say, "He runs like a beast.  It's disgusting."

Now the outer world can decide whether I am indeed Feckless Temerity!


Where do I get my character names?  I have no idea.  They would just appear in my head – sometimes in-game, perhaps as a result of something someone said – or sometimes I could be anywhere, doing anything, and the name would manifest itself.  Feckless Temerity (FT) is the latter sort, two highfalutin words that should not go together, but somehow they do.

(Ya see, it just happened again.  Now I want to make a character named, "Highfalutin".)

His original description was just the first paragraph on the left.  A friend told me one day he was curious how a being could end up with such a name as FT's.  Later extending the description, I think I came up with a pretty good response.  The "runs like a beast" part was due to using Beast Run as his preferred means of travel outside missions.

I really like his look.  Of course he was normally stealthed by his Energy Cloak power.  This made viewing his Phoenix tail (somewhat visible above) especially difficult.

Feckless Temerity, bust view

Death and Life
Feckless Temerity
Frozen in Time

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