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Frozen in Time

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full body pose of Frozen in Time, a magic controller


created during
Issue 21 logo, 2011-09-27
Issue 21
, City of Heroes, 2011-09-27
Frozen in Time / @cohRock
level 50 magic hero on the Union server
controller:  ice control / time manipulation
~ October 2011
Super Group:
Carnival of Secrets since 2011-10-19
Battle Cry:
They should chill.

In-Game Description

Death may have been kinder.  I am a "Neanderthal", frozen in an underground ice cave for over 100,000 years.  Yet my mind was still conscious -- slowed but functioning.  It is estimated that for every 100 actual years, I experienced 1 year.  I've been insane many times and had nightmeres that lasted millenia.

The mage-archeologists who found me were hunting for a "life crystal", some sort of mystical stone that won't allow anything near it to die.  That's how I survived.  Once rescued, I needed to be restrained and mentally healed.  It took months, and then my adaption to your world longer.  My long, long exposure to both ice and time have given me some unique skills.


I had been a long time player of the Ice Control set, and enjoyed it.  More recently, I had created Time Manipulation characters, and enjoyed playing them as well.  Ice offers a wonderful debuff aura, called Arctic Air, with a radius of 25 feet.  The aura slows and confuses foes within it, and reduces how often they attack.  Time offers another 25-foot debuff aura, Time's Juncture, which slows foes as well, in addition to reducing their damage and accuracy.  So I knew a wonderful thing could happen if one character had both sets.  And it did -- Frozen in Time was one of my most fun characters to play.

Endurance was an ongoing problem.  He managed it by not taking two Power Pool toggles which most my guys take, Manuevers (or Assault) and Tactics.  The Farsight power he took at 28 was a great, non-toggle, substitute for both.  At 38, he took Chrono Shift, which helped a lot with endurance recovery.  When endurance did run low, he could depend on both Jack Frost (his pet) and his debuff auras to pick up the slack.

I had a pretty good idea of what his backstory was before creating him, and the goal for his costume was to make him look like a modern neanderthal.

Frozen in Time bust view

Feckless Temerity
Frozen in Time
Gar Denar

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