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Metal Mettle

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full body pose of Metal Mettle, a robot tank


created during
Issue 20 logo, Incarnates
Issue 20
, City of Heroes, 2011-04-05
Metal Mettle / @cohRock
level 50 (+3) technology hero on the Infinity server
tank:  super reflexes / dark melee
~ September 2011
Super Group:
Titanium Debtinators since 2011-09-14
Battle Cry:
iron, steel, servos for real!

In-Game Description

No one knows who built Metal Mettle, or when.  We're just glad they did.


Scrappers had had the Super Reflexes (SR) protective powerset as long as I had played.  When it became available to tanks in 2011, I just had to make one.  Since SR provides no sort of self-heal, I chose the Dark Melee secondary, which offers an attack that heals you as it damages a foe.  If you add the Tough and Weave protective powers from the Fighting Pool, the SR tank achieves a survivability second only to a stone tank in Granite armor. 

Thus Metal Mettle was designed from the beginning with his powers in mind.  Add the fact that he was fun to play, and he became my "main".  He is the only character of mine who ran enough incarnate content to achieve the coveted "50 (+3)" rank.

I had already created several characters whose names were homonyms.  (Heck, later I even created "Diddle Diddle", after the nursery rhyme!  Yes, I'm sort of a nerd.)  Metal Mettle wasn't my first robot, but he's the best looking.

Metal Mettle bust view

Kid Hid
Metal Mettle
Ochre Rook

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