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Ochre Rook

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full body pose of Ochre Rook, a stone/stone tank


created during
Issue 3 logo, A Council of War
Issue 3
, City of Heroes, 2005-01-04
Ochre Rook / @cohRock
level 50 mutant hero on the Infinity server
tank:  stone armor / stone melee
~ January 2005
Super Group:
Digital Defenders Epic since 2006-08-13
Original SG:
Titanium Debtinators
Battle Cry:

In-Game Description

Small in stature, tall in spirit, the Ochre Rook seeks to end villainy wherever it may be found.


This was my very first character.  After reading about the archetypes, I chose to make a tank; it seemed useful to start with someone rugged.  In the character editor I made him fairly short and chose to put a rook emblem on his chest.  Those decisions led to his name, description, and battle cry.

I lucked out on his color.  Ochre goes extremely well with the colors of the Rock and Brimstone armors.  It clashed with the neon green of Crystal armor, though.  Eventually a character customization feature was added, and I was able to change that neon green to something that looked better.

He originally changed SGs just to assist the Digital Defenders (DD) with a friendly base raid.  He stayed for more base raids; there were only a few.  When Ochre turned 50 he transferred to DD's "epic" group, which existed for their level 50 guys.

Ochre Rook, bust view

Metal Mettle
Ochre Rook
Perky Sue

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