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Unsalted Bitterness

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Unsalted Bitterness, a ninja/regen stalker, standing on a War Wall in RWZ


created during
Issue 9 logo, Breakthrough
Issue 9
, City of Heroes, 2007-05-01
Unsalted Bitterness / @cohRock
level 22 mutant villain on the Protector server
stalker:  ninja blade / regeneration
~ July 2007
Villain Group:
Eternal Strife since 2007-07-10
Battle Cry:
anyone else smell bad cabbage?

In-Game Description

"Take him, take the rat ba*tard!"  That was my Mom, giving me up for adoption when I was 6.  Things have been pretty much downhill ever since.


Some gifted/cursed individuals don't need much in the way of costumes.  Consider Unsalted Bitterness -- the ears, the eyes, the jowl creases, the fur -- it's all him.  In this case, I had the name ahead of time; it seems particularly powerful to me.  So I went into the character generator in search of what would lead one to use such a name.

The bow tie represents the dignity and respect no one has ever granted him.  His regenerative abilities were with him at birth.  Is his ability to hide part of his mutation, or the result of a psyche far too aware that no one wanted to look at him?  Who knows?

He eventually would have become a rogue.  A very, very dark rogue, yes, but one who did not enjoy bringing pain to others.  He had enough of his own.

Unsalted Bitterness, bust view

Unsalted Bitterness

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