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Retcon the Never-Was

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Retcon the Never-Was, a mutant scrapper, rocket-boarding by a BAR sign


created during
Issue 22 logo, Death Incarnate
Issue 22
, City of Heroes, 2012-03-06
Retcon the Never-Was / @cohRock
level 36 mutant hero on the Infinity server
scrapper:  staff fighting / willpower
~ April 2012
Super Group:
Titanium Debtinators since 2012-04-27
Battle Cry:
tear 'em limb from limbo

In-Game Description

I think:
Where am I?
Disembodied Voice:
Nowhere, given the name Limbo.
I cannot see.
You are not blind.  There is nothing to see.
Who am I?
No one.  Anyone.  Your universe has rejected you.
I cannot remember anything.
There is nothing to remember.  You never were.
Who are you?
Is this it?  Just darkness and no answers?
You have a choice.  You can die and perhaps move on to .. wherever.
Or, I can send you to a universe which can accept you.
I do not wish to die.
The choice is made.
and then, I was in a place called Galaxy City, under heavy attack


Where is Krypto, Superboy's pet dog?  Or for that matter, any comic or TV-series character who was written out of the story line, as if they never existed?  The name for undoing an existance in fiction has become retroactive continuity, or retcon for short.

I had Retcon's name and character concept for many days before Staff Fighting was released to the live servers.  I even had the script you see pretty-much written in my head.  His face remains covered as a sign that no one can ever know him, not even himself.  His waste-recycle chest emblem was something that I had not considered until in the character editor, but it seemed particulary apropo.  The overall drab grey of his costume further reflects his feeling of isolation.

The memory of his former life and his world's history is completely gone.  However, he remembers his short time in Limbo, and he remains a well-educated adult.  Even though he doesn't remember if his powers were used for good or evil in his original life, he made a choice in Galaxy City which suits his temperament just fine.

(Wow, getting the conversation on the left to look ok for various browsers and browser widths was a pain.  It is implemented with special HTML formatting.  The actual in-game description was just straight lines of text, separated by carriage returns.)

Retcon the Never-Was, bust view

Retcon the Never-Was
Ricky Whitehair

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