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Rued Rude Rudy

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full body pose of Rued Rude Rudy, a smelly brute


created during
Issue 24 logo, Resurgence
Issue 24 (beta)
, City of Heroes, 2012-06-08
Rued Rude Rudy / @cohRock
level 50 mutant hero on the Beta server
brute:  super strength / bio armor
~ August 2012
Super Group:
Battle Cry:
Let 'em smell defeat!

In-Game Description

RR Rudy can modify his DNA at a molecular level, offering him powerful abilities, both protective and offensive.  It comes at a price, however.  The changes cause a stench described as worse than a skunk, as well as rude sounds and emissions of bodily fluids from all sorts of spots.

a half-armored Rued Rude Rudy
smelly, spurty, and nasty


Bio Armor would have been a popular protective set if it had made it to the live servers.  It was probably closest to the Willpower set, offering a mixture of defense, resistance, regeneration, and recovery.  One of the things which distinguished Bio from the rest was it could be tuned dynamically for protection (at a minor cost to offense), offense (at a minor cost to protection) , or regen/recovery (with nothing debuffed).  These modes had no endurance cost, and were almost instantly changeable from one to another.

I already had a well-formed character concept in mind, weeks before Bio became available.  Biology stinks.  Even flowers stink; they just stink pleasingly.  Rudy was not the flowery sort – foes would frequently run just from the smell of him.  Curiously, it all started from one word in a short poem I know.

Robert Frost's Dust of Snow
The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree
Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.

So, beginning from "rued", I realized it had "rude" as a homonym.  The two together don't make much of a name, but add "Rudy" and you've got something!  What would make a hero both rued and rude?  If one were smelly, spurty, and nasty, that ought to do the trick.

His look was that of an early 20th century carny roustabout.

$20 for anyone who can beat Strong Man McGee!. —

Rudy made it to level 50 quicker than any of my other guys.  The Issue 24 Paragon Market was to offer 8 hours, in-game time, of accelerated XP for a certain amount of Paragon Points (earned in due course by VIPs, or bought by anyone with real money).  Since it was the Beta server, though, everything was free.  So from about level 12 up, he was leveling twice as fast as normal.

Rued Rude Rudy bust view

Dark Ki
Rued Rude Rudy

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