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Colt Blue

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full body pose of Colt Blue with his pet 'Jack Frost'


created during
Issue 3 logo, A Council of War
Issue 3
, City of Heroes, 2005-01-04
Colt Blue / @cohRock
level 50 (+1) mutant hero on the Virtue server
controller:  ice control / force field
~ March 2005
Super Group:
My Other Toon Is A Debtinator since 2008-06-06
Other SG:
Bubble Bots
Battle Cry:
Jail 'em!

In-Game Description

Skin. It would be great to have. At least I think so; I've never had it.

Mutations are generally bad, and that's pretty much the case for me.  My bio-regenerative suit helps me be among people.  Until the Crey Foundation supplied the suit, I lived with constant taunts, such as "meat boy" and "bubble burger".  At least the taunters acknowledged my existence.  Worse were the people who would pretend not to see me at all.


Colt Blue is my third character and the first away from the Infinity server.  I'd already made a tank and a defender, so a controller would be a new archetype to try.  The ice set had been attractive to me as I had observed others with it.  Then the force field secondary fit the character concept nicely.

Although one of my first character's to join the super group My Other Toon is a Debtinator (MOTIAD) after some time he decided to create his own, player-support group, the Bubble Bots.  At that point in time hazard zones such as The Hollows and Perez Park were actually hazardous to new players with low level characters.  Other support groups existed, such as Paragon City Search and Rescue and the Taxi Bots.  My group would be similar to the latter, except members would not need the word "Taxi" in their name, and those needing help could be shielded as well as teleported to safety.  As time went on, a focus on the "new player experience" led to hazard zones not being anywhere near as dangerous, and Colt left the Bubble Bots to rejoin MOTIAD.

Colt was my first character to achieve level 50.  He regularly teamed with a scrapper named Laciel, and they reached the low 40s before Laciel quit playing for some time.  Colt continued to play and level, though.

I already had a backstory in mind while creating him.  His costume was designed to support it.  I didn't have a name in mind.  I was looking at him, trying to think of one, and "Cold Blue" occurred to me.  That was too obvious, and just a single letter changed something boring to cool.


Colt Blue as the Meat Boy
sans armor, as the "Meat Boy"
I had been considering writing a Mission Architect arc of Colt Blue's origin.  It would have covered how he was the illegitimate son of Countess Crey, and that she was the only one who knew this.  That is the underlying reason the Crey Foundation provided him with the protective suit, not simply an act of corporate compassion for the "meat boy".

It would also have included Colt's feeling of unease whenever the Countess was around.  He wanted to like her and was always polite, as was she.  Yet her frown was the only expression that felt honest; a smile could make your skin crawl.  (Well, if you had any.)  She reminded him of Cruella de Vil, and he just knew if he ever saw inside her closet it would be full of spotted dog-fur coats.  Even though he hadn't yet realized she was an arch-villain, he realized that there was something wrong.

Colt Blue bust view

Captain 2401
Colt Blue
Energi Zed

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