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Captain 2401

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Captain 2401, a technology corruptor, posing in mystic Nerva


created during
Issue 8 logo, To Protect and Serve
Issue 8
, City of Heroes, 2006-11-28
Captain 2401 / @cohRock
level 31 technology villain on the Virtue server
corruptor:  ice blast / cold domination
~ April 2007
Villain Group:
LoneStars - Operation Downfall since 2007-12-26
Battle Cry:
Until hell freezes over!

In-Game Description

I would have been Captain Midnight, but I was one minute late.  One minute late!  The world will pay!!


When the Cold Domination set became available, it was time to create Captain 2359's evil twin.  (He could have been Captain Midnight too, but intentionally showed up one minute early.)  Since my most regular teaming friends did not play the redside of Virtue often, I don't think many realized that there even was an evil twin.

His look is pretty generic.  That may be his SG's emblem on his chest; I don't think I would have chosen it.  Unfortunately I cannot remember what his own chest emblem was.

Captain 2401, bust view

Captain 2359
Captain 2401
Colt Blue

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