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Captain 2359

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Captain 2359, a technology blaster, posing near Grant Creston in First Ward


created during
Issue 5 logo, Forest of Dread
Issue 5
, City of Heroes, 2005-08-31
Captain 2359 / @cohRock
level 44 technology hero on the Virtue server
blaster:  ice blast / ice manipulation
~ October 2005
Super Group:
My Other Toon Is A Debtinator since 2005-11-18
Battle Cry:
Hey, Bad Guys, chill!

In-Game Description

I would have been Captain Midnight, but I like being early. You know?


Cap. is my second blaster.  His name derives from military/European time, one minute before midnight (11:59 PM).  It is basically a nerd joke concerning Captain Midnight.  For some reason I was attracted to ice sets from the very beginning and avoided fire until long into my career.

This Captain eventually acquired an evil twin, Captain 2401 (an even nerdier joke, referencing one minute past midnight, except military time for it would be "0001").  That Captain is all bent out of shape, because he was one minute late and hence could not be Captain Midnight.

His costume is pretty basic.  His blue hair and bluish-grey cape were chosen because they are considered "cold" colors.  I cannot remember what that chest emblem is.

Captain 2359, bust view

Black Eis
Captain 2359
Captain 2401

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