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Energi Zed

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Energi Zed, a mutant tank, views the Ouroboros Portal in Ouroboros


created during
Issue 11 logo, A Stitch in Time
Issue 11
, City of Heroes, 2007-11-28
Energi Zed / @cohRock
level 50 mutant hero on the Virtue server
tank:  willpower / energy melee
~ November 2007
Super Group:
My Other Toon Is A Debtinator since 2007-11-28
Battle Cry:
Need Punch?

In-Game Description

Now with Hoodia!


Zed proved to be an effective tank, both defensively and offensively.  He played regularly on the "Amazing Monday" team sponsored by coalition partner, The Amazings.  Upon reaching 50, he chose the Alpha Spiritual incarnate path (recharge), and achieved tier 2.  This added disorient duration to almost every one of his attacks.

He was created the day Willpower became available on the live servers.  The chains around his gloves help them hold together.  Energy melee is a rough set of powers.  He needs the gloves to help protect his hands. 

Canadian players would tend to make a point of letting me know that "Zed" was how they said "Zero", and wondered if that was the meaning behind his name.  Actually, no.  His name was simply the word "energized" with a space added.  Zed did not have a description until I happened to be watching something on late night TV.  I saw a commercial for some silly diet pill, and they made a point of exclaiming, "Now with Hoodia!". It was one of the most lamely ridiculous things I'd ever heard, and I had to use it.

Energi Zed, bust view

Colt Blue
Energi Zed
Full Sneeze

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