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Effete d'Feet

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full body pose of Effete d'Feet, a martial arts/electric stalker


created during
Issue 12 logo, The Midnight Hour
Issue 12
, City of Heroes, 2008-05-20
Effete d'Feet / @cohRock
level 25 natural villain on the Justice server
stalker:  martial arts / electric armor
~ August 2008
Villain Group:
Heretics of RO since 2009-02-15
Battle Cry:
If it moves, kick it!

In-Game Description



This was my first guy on the Justice server.  Going into the character creator, I knew his name and that he would be a martial arts stalker.  Based on the description to the left, not much else...  It doesn't really make sense that he is a natural-origin character with electric armor – not as a human, anyway.  Oh well. 

The word "effete" is used as an insult, sort of ineffective and snobby.  A description for him should have explained how that applied, probably as an epithet he is striving to disprove.  Like most my villains, he would have eventually become a rogue.

His hard-to-see chest emblem is a scorpion.  I don't really remember much about him except that when he was played, it was usually solo.

Effete d'Feet, bust view

Effete d'Feet
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