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Enflamed Echo

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full body pose of Enflamed Echo, at the Tiki Lounge in Pocket D


created during
Issue 18 logo, Shades of Gray
Issue 18
, City of Heroes, 2011-04-05
Enflamed Echo / @cohRock
level 18 mutation hero on the Justice server
controller:  fire control / sonic resonance
~ August 2010
Super Group:
Hot Feet and Hula Hoops since 2010-08-11
Battle Cry:
Listen to the flickers!

In-Game Description



A friend (@Gretta) suggested I make a character for her SG, Hot Feet and Hula Hoops.  Everyone in the SG needed to be a fire controller (and possibly female as well; not sure about that part).

It was about time I'd made a fire controller, too.  I had been prejudiced against fire sets for a long time; I cannot explain why.  The SG allowed whatever secondary you wanted; I chose Sonic Resonance – a set I knew I liked.  I was thinking once she got her fire imps at level 32, providing them the sonic shields would enhance their survivability.  As it turned out, @Greta's SG soon dwindled to nobody but Echo, and she never made it that far.

The costume pieces are mainly from the bioluminescence set.  They give her a really unique and sinister look, IMO.  The bright red "lava" lines would shimmer.  I probably would have eventually aligned her as a vigilante.  She just doesn't look like a hero.

Enflamed Echo, bust view

Effete d'Feet
Enflamed Echo
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