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Sun Son

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full body pose of Sun Son, at the University, standing next to Professor Chandler


created during
Issue 13 logo, Power and Responsibility
Issue 13
, City of Heroes, 2008-12-02
Sun Son / @cohRock
level 33 science hero on the Justice server
tank:  willpower / fiery melee
~ December 2008
Super Group:
The Lost Ones since 2012-05-27
Original SG:
Apostles of RO
Battle Cry:
They will burn!

In-Game Description



Since my first character on Justice was a villain, my second was a hero.  I don't remember having anything in mind when creating him except that he would be a hero.  The thought process for his name was something like, "Fiery Melee, that's hot.  The Sun is hot.  Let's do my homonym thing."

He went for a quite a while with no SG.  I had been vaguely familiar with the Apostles/Heretics of RO cross-server multi-group, and eventually Sun Son sought them out and joined their hero branch.  It turned out he never teamed with them very much, and so several years later he joined a friend's small SG. 

I chose the Willpower/Fire combo because they would make a good tank soloist.  Willpower was one of the most popular protective sets (for good reason), and Fire had the reputation of offering the most damage output.  The look is sort of basic, but I do like the Sun symbol on his chest.  Too bad I never wrote a description revealing the scientific basis of his powers, nor offering a hint as to his name.  Why "Son"?

With his not-exactly heroic battle cry, he may have eventually aligned himself as a vigilante.

Sun Son Dan bust view

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Sun Son

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