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Pipsqueak and Co.

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full body pose of Pipsqueak and Co., with a few of his friends


created during
Issue 22 logo, Death Incarnate
Issue 22
, City of Heroes, 2012-03-06
Pipsqueak and Co. / @cohRock
level 17 science hero on the Justice server
mastermind:  beast mastery / thermal radiation
~ March 2012
Super Group:
The Lost Ones since 2012-03-25
Battle Cry:
for Germond!

In-Game Description

I have done it!  The essence of fire was combined with the humours in my own body to achieve powers of healing and protection which heretofore would have been thought unbelievable.  Unbelievable!

The essence has had a different effect upon my test subjects, making them more intelligent and powerful than ordinary "beasts".  My first test subject, however, Germond the Rabbit, turned vicious and uncontrollable.  After almost killing me, he had to be put down.


I knew that a beast mastermind was the goal, but that's the only preconception entering the character editor.  Once I saw him in the steampunk garb, the backstory just fell into place.

I hope the tone of his description reminds you of the writings of Jules Verne or H.G. Wells.  The names of his pets were also meant to give the same vibe.

My other beast mastermind, Diddle Diddle had a somewhat similar secondary power set, Sonic Resonance.  Both sets provide resistance shielding to their pets and their teammates, but Thermal Radiation also has two healing powers.  Diddle did ok with just the power pool heal, Aid Other.  I'm sure Pipsqueak would have done slightly better if he had been given the chance.

Pipsqueak and Co. bust view

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Enflamed Echo
Hydroelectric Dan
Pipsqueak and Co.
Sun Son

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