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full body pose of Meld, a warshade


created during
Issue 7 logo, Destiny Manifest
Issue 7
, City of Heroes, 2006-06-06
Meld / @cohRock
level 35 science hero on the Virtue server
warshade:  umbral blast / umbral aura
~ August 2006
Super Group:
My Other Toon Is A Debtinator since 2008-06-06
Battle Cry:
Release the Power of Two!

In-Game Description



Kheldian characters have two souls in one body.  The first was physical and generally human, but could be any origin imaginable (so long as there was a physical body).  The second was the pure Kheldian, a refugee energy-being from another planet.  The melding of the two was generally amicable, as it was in Meld's case. 

Back when he was created, you needed to have a level 50 character, on any server, before the two epic archtypes ("Kheldians", peacebringers and warshades) would unlock.  Meld is my only warshade, just as A Sunder is my only peacebringer.  Their primary and secondary power sets were different than any of the other archetypes, and the only reason to create a second of either is if you specifically wanted a Kheldian on another server.  This became especially true when each character was given more than one available build.

As is evident from the Description, I never gave Meld a lot of thought.  His costume is inspired by the word "war" within "warshade".

Meld, bust view

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