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Lickity Zplit

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Lickity Zplit, a natural brute, poses by a PPD Special Tactics truck


created during
Issue 13 logo, Power and Responsibility
Issue 13
, City of Heroes, 2008-12-02
Lickity Zplit / @cohRock
level 50 natural rogue on the Virtue server
brute:  super strength / super reflexes
~ February 2009
Villain Group:
LoneStars - Operation Downfall since 2010-08-26
Battle Cry:
By our rage, by our fury!

In-Game Description



I liked playing Zplit a lot.  Super Reflexes (SR) seemed a natural fit to go with Super Strength (SS).  It had recently been promulgated to brutes, so who more natural to have the pair of sets than a boxer?

I went into the character generator wanting the name "Lickity Split".  Unsurprisingly someone on Virtue was already using it.  No matter – pull out a spare Z, and there we are.  The name derives from his speed.  Not the Super Speed travel power, but a combination of Swift, Quickness, three Gift of the Ancients run speed boosts, and a couple other run speed boosts as bonuses in other invention sets.  All of those together were always active (unless exemplarred young), cost 0 endurance, and gave truth to his character name.

Like most rogues, he started out as a villain.  But doing shakedowns for shady characters running the boxing scene was no fun, and he always felt like he was taking money from the wrong folks.  So he reformed (somewhat) and earned the ability to travel within Paragon City as well as the Rogue Isles.  If he hadn't been my only level 50 redside guy on Virtue, he likely would have changed alignment all the way to hero.

Lickity Zplit, bust view

Lickity Zplit

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