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iScube, a magic dominator, rocket-boarding around St. Martial


created during
Issue 7 logo, Destiny Manifest
Issue 7
, City of Heroes, 2006-06-06
iScube / @cohRock
level 36 magic rogue on the Virtue server
dominator:  ice control / icy assault
~ November 2006
Villain Group:
LoneStars - Operation Downfall since 2007-12-26
Battle Cry:
iCan, iWill, iMay, and iShall!

In-Game Description

The glass of Long Island tea wasn't meant for me; they gave it to me by accident.  They'd done something to the ice cubes in the glass, something ... magical.  Let's just say that now I no longer need to be a petty thief.


Look at the creation date for iScube.  The iPhone was not released until mid-2007, although iPods had existed since late 2001.  My point is, his name may have been a play on "iPod", but it was done before AppleŽ's domination of handheld electronics.  At any rate, I still like how iScube plays against ice cube

I had his name before creating him, and I knew he'd be an ice/ice dominator.  His look took place inside the character creator, sort of an Asian student look – well, one with teal skin and a mask.  His battle cry is a respelling of a motivational chant.

What I remember most about him is the inheritance of his VG, Lonestars - Operation Downfall.  I wasn't playing iScube much, but maybe a year after joining the group I happened to look at the VG roster.  Nobody else had played for many weeks, and iScube had become the head person in the group.  So I read the information on the VG screens; I also noticed we were not in coalition with any other VGs.  It was strange – we were the soloist villain part of the Apostles/Heretics of RO cross-server collection of super-groups.  I did not understand why this villain group was not in coalition with other Heretics of RO villain groups on Virtue.  I joined their forums and posted that we're still alive and would like to be an official part of their meta-group.  After a couple of weeks of posts where they were "thinking about it", they said no.

It kind of pi**ed me off, like being rejected by family for no reason.  My expectation of rebuilding something good was rejected.  I would have happily turned over the VG to someone they knew and trusted.  Even if they, for whatever reason, didn't want us to be an official part of RO, they could at least have had a group or two enter a coalition agreement with us.

I am not bitter.  They were likely over-extended already, and had no idea who I was.  But the excitement of being part of RO was gone.

iScube, bust view

Horse To Water
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