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Splash Damage

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Splash Damage, a water devices blaster, in her steam punk outfit


created during
Issue 23 logo, Where Shadows Lie
Issue 23
, City of Heroes, 2012-05-31
Splash Damage / @cohRock
level 12 technology hero on the Guardian server
blaster:  water blast / devices
~ July 2012
Super Group:
MidEvil Knights since 2012-07-18
Battle Cry:

In-Game Description

My brother Milton (The "Waterboy") Chowefsky had been a true techno-geek and up-and-coming hero.  He died during the first Rikti war, though.  Our garage remains almost a shrine to him, his ingenuity, and his legacy.  I've become a pretty impressive techno-geek in my own right.  What toys shall we play with today?


She was not my first water blaster.  I liked the water blast set a lot, though, and decided to pair it with a secondary I hadn't used much, devices.  I went into the character editor hoping that the "Splash Damage" name was available on Guardian, and it was.  (It was already taken on several other servers I tried.)

This was the first time one of my female characters used the new steam punk costume pieces.  She is likely the sexiest of all my heroines.  Usually they avoided skimpy dress because it was simply impractical.  ... Where she hides her technology is her secret.

Unfortunately I did not have time to play her much.  She would have been fun!

Splash Damage, bust view

Monstrous Monstress
Splash Damage
El Burro Malo

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