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El Burro Malo

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El Burro Malo, a kinetic/regen scrapper, among soldiers of ancient rome


created during
Issue 19 logo, Alpha Strike!
Issue 19
, City of Heroes, 2010-11-30
El Burro Malo / @cohRock
level 38 natural hero on the Guardian server
scrapper:  kinetic melee / regeneration
~ February 2011
Super Group:
MidEvil Knights since 2012-05-03
Original SG:
Titanium Debtinators
Transfer from:
Battle Cry:
wanna fight the real bad a**?

In-Game Description

Once a famed Mexican Wrestler, now a hero of Paragon City.  Or a glory hound.  It's kind of hard to tell.


In early 2011 one of my coalition partners on Infinity told me several of them were going to make Mexican wrestler characters.  That sounded interesting, so I made El Burro Malo the next day.  As it turned out, I seemed to be the only one who followed thru.

His name is sort of a corrupted Spanish for "The Bad Ass".  I knew enough about Mexican wrestling to know he needed to be colorful and have a mask.  IMO he turned out great looking.  In the shot above he is displaying the SG emblem; I did not even realize it until that point.  So for his bust shot below, I gave him back his full set of chains.

I was not teaming with him a lot, so eventually I moved him from Infinity.  That would make room for someone I might play more in the scheduled teams we had there.

El Burro Malo, bust view

Splash Damage
El Burro Malo

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