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Forager, an Arachnos soldier, standing near large 3-D coffee cup sign


created during
Issue 13 logo, Power and Responsibility
Issue 13
, City of Heroes, 2008-12-02
Forager / @cohRock
level 39 natural rogue on the Guardian server
Arachnos soldier:  bane spider / training and gadgets
~ December 2008
Villain Group:
Eco-Terrorism Collective No.23 since 2012-05-07
Original VG:
Extended Family
Transfer from:
Battle Cry:
There they are.

In-Game Description



Arachnos soldiers had no special powers.  They were just trained exceptionally well and had excellent equipment.  Forager managed to break free of Arachnos and become an independent.  As a rogue he could go almost anywhere in both the Rogue Isles and Paragon City.

I wish I'd written a description.  His name hints at an interesting backstory.  I'll have to write it when City of Heroes comes back.  I moved him from Victory because the Guardian folks held a weekly RWZ raid for VEATs only (Villain Epic ArcheTypes).  Because of a Saturday commitment on Infinity, though, I believe he only took part in one raid.

I just noticed how his Globe chest emblem contorts to his physiqe.  Cool.

Forager, bust view

El Burro Malo
Funny Ha-Ha

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