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Monstrous Monstress

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Monstrous Monstress, a dual blades stalker, in her normal hidden stance


created during
Issue 13 logo, Power and Responsibility
Issue 13
, City of Heroes, 2008-12-02
Monstrous Monstress / @cohRock
level 28 science villain on the Guardian server
stalker:  dual blades / ninjitsu
~ December 2008
Villain Group:
Eco-Terrorism Collective No.23 since 2011-02-24
Battle Cry:

In-Game Description

Alliteration *and* rhyme; what more could you ask??


I wish I'd done something other than a throw-away description.  I believe she was given my first homonymic name, and it seemed exceptionally clever at the time.  That said, I'd sure like to know what her background is, from what freakishly evil lab she originated from, and what makes her truly monstrous.

The one thing I remember about creating her is that I wanted to try dual blades on a stalker.  Dual blades was the first powerset that offered combo-attacks, and the combos were different for a stalker.  (They needed to be; as a stalker she was required to have Build-Up, Placate, and an Assassin attack – none of which were a part of the Dual Blades set for other melee archetypes.)  I was curious whether the changes would lead to being as powerful a set as Dual Blades was for the others.

The wolf's head was not part of her original look.  The animal head costume parts had not yet been developed.  So at creation she had more of a typical monster's head (pretty darn ugly too), and I should have taken at least one picture with that.

head shot of Rrumble Rrumble's head gives a good idea of her original look.  The ears and color may have been different, and she was likely showing teeth.

Monstrous Monstress, bust view

Guy Caballero
Monstrous Monstress
Splash Damage

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