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Ray X

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Ray X, a radiation/electrical defender, searching with flashlight


created during
Issue 8 logo, To Protect and Serve
Issue 8
, City of Heroes, 2006-11-28
Ray X / @cohRock
level 31 mutant hero on the Freedom server
defender:  radiation emission / electrical blast
~ February 2007
Super Group:
Paragon City Search and Rescue since 2008-01-30
Battle Cry:
E = they're goin' down!

In-Game Description

What is a mutant elf kid doing on the tough streets of Paragon City?  Anything to avoid those archery and magic lessons.  (Ah, to be 80 and young again!)


radiation emission -=> x-ray -=> Ray X

That's pretty much my thought process for his name.  (Ok, sometimes I'm just not that creative.)

On deciding to try out Freedom, the most populous server, there was no preconceived idea as to what kind of character to make, or his look.  I ended up with an elf-looking guy, and instead of changing his origin from "mutant", perhaps it would be interesting to have a mutant elf.

He eventually ended up in a service SG, Paragon City Search and Rescue (PCSAR).  On it's main server, Infinity, you needed to have the Empathy power set, either as a defender or controller.  The rules seemed to be relaxed for it's less-active extension SG, though.  He could heal and teleport others, what else should one need?

Ray X bust view

Muzzle Loaded
Petri Dish
Ray X
Texan Eagle

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