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Petri Dish

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Petri Dish, a nature/water defender, poses in Steel, near Pandora's Box sign


created during
Issue 23 logo, Where Shadows Lie
Issue 23
, City of Heroes, 2012-05-31
Petri Dish / @cohRock
level 15 science hero on the Freedom server
defender:  nature affinity / water blast
~ August 2012
Super Group:
Paragon City Search and Rescue since 2012-08-28
Battle Cry:
you messin' with the wrong husky

In-Game Description

One man's alchemy is another man's science.  I don't remember much about being an ordinary Siberian Husky mix, but add a little of this, a little of that, a splash of arcane goo, and a DNA resequencer, and there I was.


This was the last character I created before NCSoft announced they would be shutting down CoH, made just three days before then.  (Two guys were made after.)  I went into the character creator knowing just his name and what his power sets would be.  Somehow he turned out as a scientifically and magically evolved dog.

The Petri Dish name fits his powers and origin well.  That had also been the name of our super group on the test server before it was wiped a year earlier.

His (few) costume pieces come from the barbarian set.  I just thought they looked good; there is no barbaric tie-in.  I went with the black briefs instead of barbarian loin cloth, because, well, who wants to see a dog in a loin cloth?

Petri Dish, bust view, with natural gas regulator/meter in background

Muzzle Loaded
Petri Dish
Ray X
Texan Eagle

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