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Mgt, a mace/willpower brute, poses in Grandville


created during
Issue 20 logo, Incarnates
Issue 20
, City of Heroes, 2011-04-05
Mgt / @cohRock
level 50 mutant villain on the Freedom server
brute:  war mace / willpower
~ July 2011
Villain Group:
Original VG:
Transfer from:
Battle Cry:
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In-Game Description



Sigh.  Let's call him "Ted".  I cannot remember his name or his SG's name.  Anyway, Ted started teaming with our regular Saturday villain team.  He had been pretty much a soloist, but a great player and fun to team with.  He showed us his very large, extremely nice base, which he'd been able to build up on his prestige alone.  (That is a *lot* of hours in game.)  We also did a multi-part Mission Architect (MA) arc of his -- of course fun and high quality as well.  He was frustrated that no one was playing it.  (The problem with MA was that there were thousands of useless farming arcs, and finding actual well-written stories was a problem.  His diamond was buried under all the garbage.)

I made Mgt as a character for his SG so that there would be someone else earning prestige for it.  Eventually Ted seemed to get burned out, with all the play time, the beautiful base he was always improving and no one saw, and his story arc no one played.  It happens.  He'd show up occasionally after that, but even those times he didn't feel like teaming.

Then one day he completely disappeared.  Those of us who had been in his SG were booted out, and his MA arc was gone.  We never heard from him again.  Whatever led him to that I'm sure wasn't pleasant.  I wish him well whatever he's up to.

Anyway, about Mgt.  The name is from a series of books, The Illuminatus! Trilogy.  Mgt is a character that keeps posting odd instructions, always signed "The Mgt".  People presume it is the "management" who posted them, when it was in fact "the midget", an agent of chaos.  So yes, it was always my intent to turn my Mgt into a rogue, but he just never got there.

He transferred from Infinity after "Ted" had imploded.  It was a sad thing, and I didn't feel like playing him much after that.  (Technically, his name on Freedom was "Mgt1"; the pure name was not available there.)

Mgt, bust view

Muzzle Loaded
Petri Dish
Ray X
Texan Eagle

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