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Chain Leather

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full body pose of Chain Leather, with a Seed of Hamidon in background


created during
Issue 21 logo, Convergence
Issue 21
, City of Heroes, 2011-09-27
Chain Leather / @Rod Fyre
level 23 science villain on the Infinity server
corruptor:  dark blast / pain domination
~ November 2011
Villain Group:
V.I.C.E. since 2012-04-28
Battle Cry:
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In-Game Description



This is the second character of my free-to-play account (f2p).  Both Rod Fyre (my first) and he were specifically designed to have a healing aura.  Then I could run both accounts simultaneously, with the f2p guy set to auto-follow a character on my main account.  That was the concept anyway, and it worked.  However, I only played that way one time, as a proof of concept.  Other than that I played him just like anyone else, one character at a time.

I gotta say, he looks pretty darn evil!  His name resulted from his looks.

Chain Leather bust view

A Sunder
Chain Leather
Dark Eire

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