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Rod Fyre

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full body pose of Rod Fyre, with Atlas statue in background


created during
Issue 21 logo, Convergence
Issue 21
, City of Heroes, 2011-09-27
Rod Fyre / @Rod Fyre
level 29 magic hero on the Infinity server
defender:  radiation emission / fire blast
~ November 2011
Super Group:
The Freedom Phalanx Reserve - Rise of the Phoenix
        ... since 2011-12-14
Battle Cry:
Ever lit a fire in a microwave?

In-Game Description



Some time after City of Heroes become free-to-play (f2p), I decided to take advantage of this and created a second account.  An f2p account was only allowed two characters, total (although more character slots could be purchased).  With both a hero and a villain, this second account could directly support one of my main account guys.  I.e., with one account running on my desktop, and the other on my portable, the f2p guy (with a healing aura) could auto-follow the main guy through whole missions.  Well, I'd have to sometimes take direct control of Rod and help him take an elevator, say.  I tested this, and it worked well.  But then I never played simultaneous accounts again.

Rod's look, powers, and name were all developed in the character editor.  The name, although it may sound like some sort of innuendo, actually follows from his powers.  Radiation emission leads to "Rod" and fire blast leads to "Fyre". I didn't realize the implications until afterwards.  And since Rod was my first character on the f2p account, the global name became "@Rod Fyre".  But I didn't mean nuthin' by it -- honest!

Rod Fyre, bust view

Ricky Whitehair
Rod Fyre
Slight Light

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