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Dark Eire

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full body pose of Dark Eire, a storm/dark defender


created during
Issue 3 logo, A Council of War
Issue 3
, City of Heroes, 2005-01-04
Dark Eire / @cohRock
level 50 magic hero on the Infinity server
defender:  storm summoning / dark blast
~ March 2005
Super Group:
Titanium Debtinators since 2005-03-05
Battle Cry:
May my dreams be your nightmare

In-Game Description

The bomb was only meant as a message.  I placed and set it off.  Two children died.  Colleen was Catholic, and Markus was Protestant.  They would have grown up to be powerful mages.  That night they had been curious and mischevious, experimenting with their abilities where they thought no one would interrupt them.

The explosion interrupted some sort of protective spell.  Even though I was hundreds of metres away, almost all my flesh was seared.  It took me weeks to die.  There was constant pain, both in my flesh and my heart.  Vahzilok operatives must have been impressed at my endurance.  Their plan was to change me into an Eidelon.

The spirits of Collen and Markus had different plans for me.  Their powers had somehow embalmed my soul, entwining our fates.  They resurrected me when no Vahlizoks were about, and I escaped.  They have told me to do good, and that they forgive me.  Perhaps.  I hope so.  Yet how do I forgive myself?


Meet my very second character.  While Ochre Rook's bio was short and to the point, Dark Eire had a lot more to say, and with a pretty-darn-good backstory, if I do say so myself.

His costume (below; above he is in his super group duds) was inspired by the story.  Someone who had been burned as badly as he had, and died, would likely keep himself fully covered, with clothing specifically made not to aggravate his damaged flesh.

Dark Eire, full view with original costume
D.E. at the bar.  Again.

Because of his longevity and regular play, he eventually became the leader of the Titanium Debtinators and their associated groups.  My "secret" to keeping an SG active was to avoid drama, play regularly with members, coalition friends, and others who want to team, and have fun.

Dark Eire bust view

Chain Leather
Dark Eire
Decimal Point

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