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Welcome to the Titanium Debtinator Home page!

    The Titanium Debtinators is a super group from the MMORPG City of Heroes, Infinity Server.  We are an organized collection of people from around the world that have banded together to fight crime, inequity, and evil in Paragon City.  You can find us on the Infinity server during all hours of the day and night.  Related super groups:

  • Onyx Debtinators (Infinity villain)

  • My Other Toon Is A Debtinator (Virtue hero)

  • The Petri Dish (Test Server, hero)


saluting our flag

Rainbow Six and Ancient Blade salute our country's flag.

What is required of a Titanium Debtinator?

    Being a Titanium Debtinator means more than wearing a cool costume, teaming with friends, and having fun.  We want you to be active and to team with super group members.  We have members ranging from level 1 to level 50.  We have hard core gamers, we have casual gamers, and we have people that wish they could game more than they currently do.  All of this variety means you are likely to find someone to team with inside of our super group.  This kind of diversity also means that you may need to make the first step to team with your fellow super group members.  Do not hesitate to ask to join a team, ask for help on a mish, or just chat in the super group channel.  Our top priority is not to gain levels fast.  Our priority is to have fun.  Burn that message into your mind when you log on as a member of this super group.  Have fun and I hope to team with you all soon.

Super group rules:

  • Announce yourself on the global channel and global channel when you log on.
  • Wear the super group armor and be in super group mode when teaming with other super group members.
  • Your toon may be kicked after 90 inactive days.
  • Have fun.


How do I become a Titanium Debtinator?

    The Titanium Debinators are open to all heroes.  We only ask that you follow our four rules (see costume requirement).  If you would like to join our super group, ask.  Contact any Debtinator for an invite and someone should be able to help you.  Finally, we reserve the right to remove members for any reason. 


statue of angel in Founders Falls

An image of an angel in Founders Fall.  This heavenly host is armed and armored to combat the evils of the world. 

How do I get that cool super group armor?

    The Titanium Debtinators SG has a costume requirement.  Find the specs to our armor hereYou are not required to wear the armor when soloing, but we do ask that you wear the armor when teaming with other group members.  Finally, we buy your armor for you.  Contact the leadership for an influence advance to purchase your armor.

~Dark Eire - Co-leader
~Rainbow Six - Co-leader

Site originally authored by:
~Ancient Blade - Co-founder/ Former Co-leader

Original Site location: www.debtinatorssg.com



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