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How do I make the Titanium Debtinator armor?

    If you don't have the Titanium Debtinator armor yet, and need help purchasing it, send a tell to SG leader..  We will give you the influence required to buy the new armor.  The armor is a super group requirement.  Go to an icon store, speak with an employee, and get to the tailoring screen.  From there, you will be able to make your costume meet the requirements of your super group and your position within the super group.

You can choose any head option you want.  The rest of the armor is set and required.  Here are the selections...

upper body selection

aura selection

lower body selection

cape selection


Please take careful note of the colors to be used for the inner star, shoulder pads, and belt jewel.  You position in the super group determines what colors you are to wear. 

member lookmember color lieutenant looklieutenant color captain lookcaptain color
Titanium Debtinator Member Titanium Debtinator Lieutenant Titanium Debtinator Captain
quartermaster lookquartermaster color leader lookleader gold color  
Titanium Debtinator Quartermaster Titanium Debtinator Leader