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Full Sneeze

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full body pose of Full Sneeze, standing near base portal


created during
Issue 5 logo, Forest of Dread
Issue 5
, City of Heroes, 2005-08-31
Full Sneeze / @cohRock
level 50 mutant hero on the Virtue server
blaster:  sonic attack / energy manipulation
~ September 2005
Super Group:
My Other Toon Is A Debtinator since 2007-06-20
Battle Cry:
choo 'em up!

In-Game Description

... a Tsoo here, a Tsoo there, and pretty soon you have a full sneeze ...


I had had an in-game "joke" for quite a while.  (Quotes because I may have been the only one who found it funny.)  The Tsoo were a large villain gang of Hmong who gained their powers from magical tattoos applied to their bodies.  My joke was, "a Tsoo here, a Tsoo there, and pretty soon you have a full sneeze." Get it?  "a tsoo" ... "atchoo" ... <sigh> I guess not you either.

Well, *I* thought it was funny, and eventually created Full Sneeze as an actual character.  Although he originates from the American Hmong, he was a mutant and the Tsoo gang kids mistrusted and even hated on him.  So he had a lonely path growing up, and gravitated to the good guys.  (We found out during the Mot (God of Death) arc that the Tsoo weren't only a gang of thugs. They had been actively trying to prevent Mot's return for years.)

When creating him I knew his name and that he'd be of Asian descent.  I quickly decided that Sonic Attack would fit his name well, and that Energy Manipulation gave him some nice melee skills as well.  I went sterotypical Asian fighter on his costume, although the tiger stripes on his face are part of his mutation.  For the pictures, I forgot to turn on his actual chest emblem; what you see is the SG emblem.

There was one more aspect to his name, the "Full" part.  His power choices made him very flexible.  Like a defender, he could heal and buff teammates with more damage and accuracy.  Like a controller, he had the ability to disorient foes, cause a group of them to sleep, and occasionally knock them back.  I've already mentioned his scrapper-like melee attacks.  The guy was the whole enchilada (well, whatever Hmong food is closest to enchilada).  He was my first blaster.

Full Sneeze, bust view

Energi Zed
Full Sneeze

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