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Spheresome, a dark/FF controller standing aloft power line tower


created during
Issue 22 logo, Death Incarnate
Issue 22
, City of Heroes, 2012-03-06
Spheresome / @cohRock
level 16 magic hero on the Triumph server
controller:  darkness control / force field
~ May 2012
Super Group:
Captains Quarters since 2012-06-03
Battle Cry:
my eyes are up here

In-Game Description

a barbarian shaman


Darkness Control was new, and I'd already made dark/dark and dark/storm controllers.  I knew how well Force Field had augmented Ice Control, and I was curious if it would match as nicely with Darkness.  All I knew going into the character generator was that I would make a dark/FF controller.

As you can see, I rolled another female character, and she ended up with barbarian costume pieces.  I like the look, and how the lacy neck wrap updates her to a "modern" 19th century woman.

A few days after creating her, a non-VIP friend needed help paying the rent on his base, so she joined his group.  I didn't play her that much, but I played on Triumph more than he.  (Note she only reached level 16.)  It is the only time I have had a character have to play in order to pay the rent.  The SG had no prestige in reserve.

Spheresome, bust view

Creepy Little Kid
Drone Face

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