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Creepy Little Kid

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Creepy Little Kid, a dark/dark corruptor, inside the Arena lobby


created during
Issue 11 logo, A Stitch in Time
Issue 11
, City of Heroes, 2007-11-28
Creepy Little Kid / @cohRock
level 16 mutant villain on the Triumph server
corruptor:  dark blast / dark miasma
~ February 2008
Villain Group:
The Destroyers since 2012-10-05
Battle Cry:

In-Game Description

Any fool can pull the wings off a fly.  True creativity, though, is when you surgically remove them and re-attach to the fly's underside.  Watch it fly upside down!  That's what I'm talking about.


This was my first character on Triumph.  I went into the character creator with his name already in mind, and set out to outfit the creepiest little kid I could.  A Goth kid in a suit should do it. 

It seemed to be the natural fit for his dark+dark power sets.  I do not remember his name nor character concept getting much comment, though.  Either it was not as clever as I thought, or I never played him enough to receive that kind of interaction.

Creepy Little Kid, bust view

Creepy Little Kid
Drone Face

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