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Guy Caballero

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Guy Caballero, a natural scrapper, in the Tunnels of the Trolls, with map


created during
Issue 13 logo, Power and Responsibility
Issue 13
, City of Heroes, 2008-12-02
Guy Caballero / @cohRock
level 50 natural hero on the Guardian server
scrapper:  martial arts / shield defense
~ December 2008
Super Group:
Vigilants since 2012-10-22
Original SG:
My Other Toon Is A Debtinator
Transfer from:
Battle Cry:
Let's kick!

In-Game Description



I went into the character creator knowing Guy's name and that he would be a shield scrapper.  Martial Arts seemed a good fit as the attack set because he would not need to handle both a weapon and a shield.

His name was chosen intentionally to sound like the old-fashioned phrase "gay caballero" (literally, joyful gentleman).  I was planning on role-playing him as gay, but it rarely happened.  Heck, it never even made it into his biography.  His look fits the name, though.

I tranferred him from Virtue so there could be a level 50 hero on Guardian.  It also made room there for a new character on Virtue.

Guy Caballero, bust view

Funny Ha-Ha
Guy Caballero
Monstrous Monstress

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