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Current State of My Policy

From the very beginning, I had the desire to maximize the investment characterestics of my life insurance policy.  Here are some of the steps I took to achieve this goal.
Policy Performance, Year 14
This is the only chart within The Visible Policy which does not contain speculation about future events.  The other charts show what might happen, but if my model is wrong, or my policy does not perform at least as well as NYL's policy illustration predicted, or even if it performs better, then all bets are off.  (I wanted the lines to begin at $0, so the chart begins at age 41 instead of 42, when my policy actually began.)

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Explanation (click chart to be able to see both it and the text below):

The Visible Policy Examines my Policy Only

It is a very detailed snapshot, not a general overview.  Believe me, I do not know that much about life insurance products in general.  Anything I know about my policy may be irrelevant to what someone else has.  It has features which are not common to all Whole Life policies.  These include:

Philosophy of a Mutuality Member

As a member of the New York Life mutuality, here is what I expect.

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No content within The Visible Policy has been approved, authorized, or verified by New York Life or any of its representatives.  I have attempted to fairly and accurately portray the policy, but there are likely to be mistakes.  Over time, I shall endeavor to correct any misinformation found herein.
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