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Thai Bow

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full body pose of Thai Bow, an archery/devices blaster


created during
Issue 8 logo, To Protect and Serve
Issue 8
, City of Heroes, 2006-11-28
Thai Bow / @cohRock
level 25 technology hero on the Victory server
blaster:  archery / devices
~ December 2006
Super Group:
Circle of Elemental Power since 2009-01-19
Battle Cry:
Ready to shoot!

In-Game Description

"Thai Bow with a bow tie" -- What else you need to know?!


My mind frequently deconstructs and reconstructs words and phrases.  The "Tae Bo" fitness system, or an Asian archer who calls himself "Thai Bow"?  This kind of stuff is always churning around in my head.  (Please don't tell anyone.)

So I knew when going into the character editor that my guy would be an archer.  Everthing else you see resulted from me trying stuff on.  I had never used the devices secondary power set before, so I went with that.

Thai Bow bust view

Prince of Thiebes
Thai Bow
Yo-Yo Jo

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