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Prince of Thiebes

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Prince of Thiebes, a katana/willpower scrapper, poses atop City Hall, with Atlas statue in background


created during
Issue 14 logo, Architect
Issue 14
, City of Heroes, 2009-04-08
Prince of Thiebes / @cohRock
level 32 natural hero on the Victory server
scrapper:  katana / willpower
~ April 2009
Super Group:
Circle of Elemental Power since 2009-04-20
Battle Cry:
for the honor of

In-Game Description

Not everything the Portal Corporation does works out as expected.  Take the Prince of Thiebes -- plucked from an alternative universe where swashbuckling and derring-do are the norm of behavior in a modern world.  For whatever reason, they can't send him back.  He really is a prince, and extremely talented with a sword.  Portal Corp Special Resources supplies him with armor and hero-grade equipment, while their scientists try to figure out a way to send him back.


I'm not sure why I created Prince.  I already had a fun-to-play scrapper on Victory to train up, and with another the development of both would be slow.  Maybe I wanted to try the Katana.  I'd had a Broad Sword scrapper on Virtue for a long time and had avoided Katana because the sets were so similar.  Maybe I was curious to find the differences.

I had mixed feeling about giving him the pirate's hat.  Prince has always been a hero.  I really liked the look of the hat, though; it really embodies a swash-buckling era.  We'll go with this – what we see as a pirate's symbol, they see, in his dimension, as the bones of fallen knaves.

The symbol on his chest is the capital Greek letter "theta", standing of course for Thiebes.  His battle cry would show in chat windows as:

Prince of Thiebes: for the honor of

Prince of Thiebes bust view

Paris Red
Prince of Thiebes
Thai Bow

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