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Boson Boy

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full body pose of Boson Boy, hovering in front of floating island in Ouroboros


created during
Issue 6 logo, Along Came a Spider
Issue 6
, City of Heroes, 2005-10-27
Boson Boy / @cohRock
level 44 science hero on the Victory server
defender:  force field / radiation blast
~ May 2006
Super Group:
Circle of Elemental Power since 2007-06-26
Battle Cry:

In-Game Description

True, his physicist Dad shouldn't have kept a homemade particle accelerator in their basement.  Just as true, Barry Jr. shouldn't have been down there messing with it during a lightning storm.


First of all, look at his creation date above.  He pre-existed the current boson-mania by years.  I didn't really know what a "boson" was (and still don't), but alliteration — alliteration I know.  And I went into the character creator knowing his name and power sets.

A couple months previously, I had created PhatLady, a sonic/sonic defender.  She too was a shielder, offering resistive shields (foes hit as often, but with less damage).  I liked playing her a lot, and wondered if I could duplicate the experience with a defensive shielder (foes hit less often, but with full damage).  It turned out, I could. :)

Sonic offered both a protective set and a blast set, but Force Field just has the protective set.  So I tried to pick the blast set that was the most force-fieldy.  Radiation Blast is not an exact corolary, but it was the closest I could come to it.  I mean, what if you allowed your shieldy stuff to leak strategically?

He was not my first character to join the Circle of Elemental Power super group, but he may have been the one to team with them the most.  They were a good and active group of folks.

Having been a reactor operator (on a nuclear sub) in real life, it was kind of fun coming up with his science-fictiony look.  Real nuclear folks would be wearing something drab, like bluish grey coveralls.  That said, I'm pretty sure that one of the capsules on his belt holds a TLD.

Boson Boy, bust view

Yo-Yo Jo
Boson Boy

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