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PhatLady, a natural defender, checks out First Ward's favorite picnic spot at night


created during
Issue 6 logo, Along Came a Spider
Issue 6
, City of Heroes, 2005-10-27
PhatLady / @cohRock
level 50 natural hero on the Infinity server
defender:  sonic resonance / sonic attack
~ March 2006
Super Group:
Titanium Debtinators since 2006-03-09
Battle Cry:
It ain't over 'til ...

In-Game Description

an opera star with an incredibly powerful voice


PhatLady was my second shielder.  My first used the Force Field (defensive) set, while she used the new Sonic Resonance set, providing damage resistance.  (Defense == they hit you less often, Resist == they hit just as often, but for less damage each time.)  In both sets, the shields you provided your teammates lasted four minutes, at which point you would shield them anew.  So most of the time your main protective chore was already done and you could focus on offense.

I only took pictures of her Valkyrie look, which is pretty cool looking.  But I liked her original and more normal look as well, dressed like the civilain opera star she had been.

PhatLady, bust view

Perky Sue
Retcon the Never-Was

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