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Bronze Bow

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full body view of Bronze Bow, standing at the bottom of a waterfall


created during
Issue 5 logo, Forest of Dread
Issue 5
, City of Heroes, 2005-08-31
Bronze Bow / @cohRock
level 25 natural hero on the Pinnacle server
defender:  trick arrow / archery
~ September 2005
Super Group:
Deadly Dudes since 2009-01-26
Original SG:
Battle Cry:
bow woe!

In-Game Description



His name was inspired by pulp novels, Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze.  So going into the character creator, I knew his name, archetype, and character sets.  Of course, I also needed to make him "bronzy".  His final look was a result of trying different costume parts and keeping what looked good.

I'm pretty sure he had been in another SG for quite a while before switching to the Deadly Dudes.  It would be atypical of me to have a character go for over three years without being in one.  Unfortunately, I cannot remember what it was.

All I can really remember from playing him was that he was not a very good soloist.  As a matter of principle, I always had my foe count set to at least *2 (foes spawn for at least a team of 2), and with bosses present even when soloing.  Trick Arrow is completely dedicated to foe debuff; it includes no powers to heal or otherwise buff yourself or teammates. (This made it the opposite of Empathy, which had no debuffs at all, being wholly focused on team buffs.)  I knew that going in, but still it was hard to stay alive with a boss on your a**.  He might have been a debuffed boss, but it takes defenders a long time to take a boss down.  With no heals, shields, or way to speed endurance recovery, it was tough.  Attrition is a b*tch, especially if you are the one being attritted.

Teamed, though, he could contribute a lot.

Bronze Bow, bust view

Ying Yan
Bronze Bow

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