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Ying Yan

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Ying Yan, a dark/invulnerability scrapper, standing within large statue at University


created during
Issue 6 logo, Along Came a Spider
Issue 6
, City of Heroes, 2005-10-27
Ying Yan / @cohRock
level 42 magic hero on the Pinnacle server
scrapper:  dark melee / invulnerability
~ October 2005
Super Group:
Deadly Dudes since 2009-02-01
Battle Cry:
It is time to yin their yang.

In-Game Description

from ... someplace else


I have another long-time scrapper here, Ion Quest.  He had been created several months before, and was a complete endurance hog to play.  So with Ying Yan, I wanted someone who could finish a big fight in one round.

I went into the character creator just knowing, "scrapper, not end-hog".  Invulnerability was considered fairly endurance-light, so I took it.  Dark Melee offers both a heal attack and an AoE attack that buffs your endurance while it drains the foes around you.

His name came to me while creating him.  Simple enough – move the 'g' in the phrase "yin-yang".  That further inspired a somewhat Asian look.  Experimenting on different costume options, I chose the horns, then the top-knot hair style.  I really liked the way the three balance each other.  It is almost to say, sometimes there is a third factor, yin, yang, and something else.

I teamed him off and on with members of the Lethal Ladies SG coalition (of which Deadly Dudes was a part), but more often than not he either soloed or was part of random pick-up teams.

Ying Yan, bust view

Sound Strategy
Ying Yan
Bronze Bow

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