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Rrumble, an earth/sonic controller flying about on his magic carpet


created during
Issue 11 logo, A Stitch in Time
Issue 11
, City of Heroes, 2007-11-28
RRumble / @cohRock
level 20 natural hero on the Liberty server
controller:  earth control / sonic resonance
~ February 2008
Super Group:
Castle Sardasia since 2008-02-10
Battle Cry:
Let them hear the rumble!

In-Game Description

From deep within the Earth itself comes Rrumble.


It makes sense that other-worldly (and inner-worldly) races would have powers that seem magic to us, but are very natural to them.  Imagine a race of beings living deep within the Earth – not an inner, hollow Earth, but the mantle itself.  They'd need the abilities commanded by Rrumble, just to exist and move about.

Within the character creator, I knew only that my hero would have the Earth Control set.  His secondary powers, name, and look, even his (short) description all resulted from me trying various options within it.  I was never happy with the way the upper legs joined with the thighs, as if he were wearing chaps that were too big for him.  You can see a hint of that in the picture below.

Rrumble, bust view

Hear the Pain
Carrot Gone Bad

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