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Carrot Gone Bad

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Carrot Gone Bad, a plant/thorns dominator, in Port Oakes, with reflecting pool in background


created during
Issue 9 logo, Breakthrough
Issue 9
, City of Heroes, 2007-05-01
Carrot Gone Bad / @cohRock
level 15 mutant villain on the Liberty server
dominator:  plant control / thorny assault
~ May 2007
Villain Group:
Dekonstruktivist Union since 2007-05-06
Battle Cry:
ehh, what's up doc?

In-Game Description

It does not pay to ignore one's produce boxes for too long ...


This is a very old character who I never played often.  I remember teaming with him for the first time, in Mercy Island, for some missions fighting snakes.  My teammate invited me to join his villain group, and over the years I eventually inherited it.

His name and power sets were already in mind going into the character creator.  I've used the phrase "carrot gone bad" for years to describe the aftertaste acquired by CokeŽ and PepsiŽ (and their diet namesakes) when they had been sitting out in the heat – such as riding around all day in a delivery truck.  With the advent of Plant Control, the phrase could become alive!

I really like his look.  Admittedly not the perfect mutated carrot, but close enough.  The face was originally different, but when I later saw this huge smile with almost no other features, it was perfect.

Carrot Gone Bad, bust view

Carrot Gone Bad

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