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Kid Hid

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full body pose of Kid Hid, dark/energy rogue


created during
Issue 16 logo, Power Spectrum
Issue 16
, City of Heroes, 2009-09-15
Kid Hid / @cohRock
level 50 science rogue on the Infinity server
stalker:  dark melee / energy aura
~ January 2010
Villain Group:
Onyx Debtinators since 2010-01-13
Battle Cry:
Let's get 'em, dogs!

In-Game Description



While starting his career as a petty criminal, Kid Hid did not want to hurt people.  Thus he converted to a rogue.  He'd still use illegal means for his own benefit but usually to the detriment of actually evil folks.

I had no preconceived notion of what he would look like.  Experimenting in the character editor resulted in this look.  He certainly looks secretive, and I like the goggles.

Kid Hid, bust view

Kid Cud
Kid Hid
Metal Mettle

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