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Kid Cud

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Kid Cud, a magic mastermind, with his ninja friends


created during
Issue 21 logo, Convergence
Issue 21
, City of Heroes, 2011-09-27
Kid Cud / @cohRock
level 42 magic rogue on the Infinity server
mastermind:  ninjas / time manipulation
~ November 2011
Villain Group:
Onyx Debtinators since 2011-11-05
Battle Cry:
Chew on this!

In-Game Description



All I knew going into the creation of Kid Cud was that he would be a mastermind with Time Manipulation as his secondary powerset.  His look, name, and primary set were all chosen inside the editor.

From the description, it's obvious I did not spend much time thinking about who he was or how he came to be a mastermind.  He chose to become a rogue though, so he can't be all bad.

Kid Cud, bust view

Kid Cud
Kid Hid

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