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Clawsome, a claws/invulnerability brute, on the ramp to the Ski Chalet


created during
Issue 22 logo, Death Incarnate
Issue 22
, City of Heroes, 2012-03-06
Clawsome / @cohRock
level 23 natural hero on the Defiant server
brute:  claws / invulnerability
~ May 2012
Super Group:
The Kaos Pensioners since 2012-05-13
Battle Cry:
look sharp!

In-Game Description

It's not hair; it's just microfeathers.


When a friend asked me to team with him on Defiant, I was in the unusual situation (for me) of not having anyone there to join him.  So I quickly rustled up Clawsome, going into the character generator with no plan.  He is a brute, because I didn't expect to have teams on this server very often, and brutes are particularly easy to solo.  He quickly joined my friend's SG.  Not knowing anything about it, or even noticing the name, I found Clawsome's rank to be "Incontinent".  At my request, the friend modified the rank names.

Q&D Character Name:  Look!  It has claws!  It's awesome!  No, it's Clawsome!!

Only hinted at in his description is that he is a very evolved reptile from some other planet/dimension/time-line.  The nerd in me had to explain his hair, though, which is why the description says what it does.  (Unfortunately the lighting in Pocket D's Ski Chalet is such that you cannot really see his "hair", even messing with the image's contrast and gamma.)

Clawsome, bust view, in the Ski Chalet with the Candy Keeper

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