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Ma Ae

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Ma Ae, an SS/electric brute, posing in front of AE Corporation doors


created during
Issue 23 logo, Where Shadows Lie
Issue 23
, City of Heroes, 2012-05-31
Ma Ae / @cohRock
level 22 technology villain on the Defiant server
brute:  super strength / electric armor
~ June 2012
Villain Group:
Battle Cry:
My daughter's gone, but I ain't.

In-Game Description

When her daughter, Artemis Endemic, died in a free-for-all involving heroes, villains, and Ritki, her mother felt lost, alone, and bitter.  To feel something, anything, she dons her daughter's armor and goes into battle.  Who she fights, where she fights,why she fights, doesn't really matter.


I hate being a bad guy -- I just don't like hurting people, even in make-believe.  One way for a villain to avoid taking on tasks that hurt people who don't deserve it is to focus on player-written Mission Architect (MA) arcs at the various Architect Entertainment complexes throughout the Rogue Isles (and Paragon City, for heroes).  So the goal when creating Ma Ae was to have a character who could solo MA arcs, and demonstrate via her name what her focus was.  She would have eventually gone rogue, but I just didn't get the chance to advance her that far.

Moot Rant:  Mission Architect was a great game feature – player- written content!  It offered some really creative and fun stories which were just as good as, and sometimes better than, developer stories.  Unfortunately real story- driven arcs were a very small minority of what was available.  Finding actual stories was time consuming.

The vast majority were farm missions, written for no other purpose than to try to allow players to level up faster than they ought. And the large majority of those were "fire farms", where all the foes were boss fire wielders.  A young electric brute (with just training enhancments and a low slot count) has minimal protection against fire damage, and slogging thru that cr*p was not fun at all.  (I was usually too stubborn to cancel an arc I had chosen, no matter how awful.)

I wrote her description while in the character creator; there was no pre-conceived backstory.  Originally it referred to a son and not a daughter.  Eventually I realized that Artemis was female, so the description was tweaked.  I wish I could tell you more about Artemis Endemic, but honestly I don't have a clue.  I needed a character name with the initials "AE".

Ma Ae is old, but her daughter's armor was very powerful.  It somehow shields even her uncovered head.  The hourglass chest emblem is indicative of her time on Earth draining away.

Ma Ae, bust view

Ma Ae

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