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The New Dawn Alliance
Earth 2025, Server 1, Game 1-F
Final:  22 February 1998
luckily captured within 3 hours of end


Japan and Rolifornia suffered losses in the last three weeks of the game.  Neither nation continued active play after this.  If they had, it is likely that both nations would have joined the rest of the alliance in the top 100 nations.  The nation of Valhall exited the game early.  If Valhall had played thru, it likely would have ended up in the top 50 nations.

cat break-through
The order of members is historical; the longer someone has been in the alliance, the higher they show in the list.  I'll try to keep this information updated fairly frequently. -- Rocq
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Final scores of most of the top 100 nations
Open letter to Mehul Patel of the Central Earth Authority.

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